This Week in Raptr: Raptr Dino at E3, Player Profile, Top 5 Plays of the Week

1 Posted by - June 22, 2015 - About Us, Announcements, Community

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Raptr at E3!

The Raptr dino checked out E3 last week and has some photos to share! Check out our latest Facebook album and let us know what game announced at E3 you’re most looking forward to playing!

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Player Profile: Mike “Xposed” Emmick
Meet new college graduate and the latest subject of our Player Profile series, Mike “Xposed” Emmick! He’s an ordinary guy with an extraordinarily kind personality. Read more about him here.

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Game Detections 6/19/15
Pro Cycling Manager 2015, Ancient Space, and Eternal Senia are part of our newest batch of game detections. For a full list of our latest additions, check here.

Top 5 Plays of the Week
Guess what? Here’s another helping of this week’s top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek!

She loved the ride by Crippled_Banana
This is how dates with goats usually go in #GoatSimulator.

The chaos by ZomboTheSkunk
Don’t blink or you might miss one of member’s ZomboTheSkunk’s kills in #UnrealTournament3.

(#Johanna + #Zeratul) #ulti = #teamfight + #megakill by Specter member Specter has a #HeroesOfTheStorm equation for you in video form!

Epic second wind by grimmodin
It’s cool to save your fellow vault hunters in #BorderlandsThePreSequel, but saving yourself with style is way more awesome.

Close call takedowns by eqalizer
Some #LeagueOfLegends accomplishments just can’t be put into words. Here’s a video instead.