Achievements: Collect and compare ’em all

0 Posted by - April 10, 2012 - About Us, Announcements, Desktop App/Website Updates, How to Raptr

You’ve ranked up with Raptr — now it’s time to see who’s the Elite of the Elite with Raptr’s newly redesigned Achievement Comparisons.

Visit the Achievements section of any Game Page or click on ‘Compare Achievements’ from your Game Collection page (see above image) and prepare for the thrill of victory or the agony of mediocrity:

Behold — your achievements in that game, compared with the average completion percentage across Raptr’s userbase as well as your two highest ranking friends (who also play the game).

And if that turns out to be too depressing, you can also replace your high-achieving friends with any other friends who are ranked in that game — just hit the ‘change’ link and select or search for the frenemy you want to compare with! They’re listed from highest to lowest ranking, for your sorting pleasure.