Battlefield vs. Call of Duty – Raptr Data Settles the Score

2 Posted by - November 18, 2011 - Case Studies, Player Insight, Trends & Data

This fall has been said by some to have the ‘greatest lineup of AAA games’ in history. And even among the list of all of the blockbuster games that have come out in the past several weeks, Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have been arguably the two most hyped up games. The two storied FPS rivals came out within 2 weeks of each other, and went head-to-head in a marketing blitz that generated a TON of predictions as to which game was going to out-do its counterpart.

Here at Raptr, we don’t deal in vague predictions or conjectures. Because we have cold hard data that we get from tracking playtime behaviors of our 10 million plus gamer community, we can SHOW which game was more popular. Hype is one thing, but does it translate to actual play time? We answer that question here.

  1. Xbox 360 players logged 40% more launch-day playtime in Modern Warfare 3 than Battlefield 3
  2. Xbox 360 players logged 17% more first-week playtime in Modern Warfare 3 than Battlefield 3
  3. Modern Warfare 3 has accumulated more total hours played in one week post-launch than Battlefield 3 has in three weeks post-launch
  4. 53% of Battlefield 3 players on Xbox 360 are also playing Modern Warfare 3, compared to just 31% of Modern Warfare 3 players who also played Battlefield 3
  5. During the first week of launch, Modern Warfare 3 stole the most playtime from Battlefield 3 than any other game
  6. For the first time ever for any franchise, three Call of Duty games were in the top 10 playtime charts on Raptr

Now, let’s see if we can contrast those numbers with some opinions from our community of core gamers. We asked our community a series of questions that compare the two franchises in different categories. Surprisingly, player sentiment was overwhelmingly in favor of the Battlefield franchise in almost all categories. To date, more than 6,000 respondents have participated in the poll.

  1. 81% of respondents were more excited for Battlefield 3 than Modern Warfare 3
  2. 92% of respondents felt DICE was the more innovative developer than Infinity Ward
  3. 58% of respondents said the Battlefield franchise has had a bigger impacton the FPS genre
  4. Responses were split 50/50 on the question – Which franchise has had bigger ‘Oh Sh!t’ moments?
  5. 80% of respondents felt the Call of Duty has had consistently more hypethrough its marketing – To date, this is the only category led by Call of Duty
  6. 75% of respondents think that they will still be playing Battlefield 3 three months from now

Many of these questions were asked before both of the games were released, so you can see how much excitement was generated for Battlefield’s latest game, but when the games were actually out, Modern Warfare 3 pretty handily trounced its rival in terms of playtime.

What does it all mean? It’s clear that EA made a valiant effort in challenging Call of Duty’s dominance by rallying its fanbase and generating massive support around the launch of Battlefield 3. However, when push comes to shove, COD dominated.

If you’d like to read the full press release, you can check it out here.