Carbine Studios resolves to embrace its community in 2013

3 Posted by - January 16, 2013 - News

Carbine Studios, the developer behind the upcoming sci-fi MMO WildStar, has promised to increase its community outreach in 2013 as part of a studio-wide New Year’s resolution.

According to the developer’s official blog, the team at Carbine recognizes the importance of supporting an online community, and although WildStar is still a ways off from its official launch, Carbine wants to do everything it can to build a relationship with its excited fans.

Carbine’s first goal for 2013 is to make players feel like their opinions matter.  Whether users speak out on Facebook, Reddit, message boards, or guild-specific websites, Carbine wants players to know that the WildStar team is listening to their feedback. As the studio puts it, “We’ll come to you and not only listen, but respond and engage on your terms.”

In addition, Carbine wants to make sure that the community understands any major design decisions that come from the WildStar team. Online game communities are easily riled when developers make sudden changes to their favorite games, and Carbine plans to avoid this problem by keeping players involved every step of the way. The studio plans to live-stream design meetings, discuss upcoming changes with the players, and even reward users who come up with good ideas on their own.

“Did you post a good idea on our forum? Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call from us asking to discuss it in more detail with you,” Carbine says.

Carbine claims that its users will play a major role in shaping its upcoming game, and this player-first approach very much supports the idea of leveraging Community as a Service.

As evidenced by the numerous case studies in Raptr’s own Community as a Service report, players tend to become more engaged with a title when they’re given a chance to interact with developers or generate their own in-game content. This increased engagement also helps attract new users and boost long-term player loyalty, and Carbine appears to be embracing these ideals with its community outreach plans for 2013.

And as we settle into the year ahead, Carbine pledges to experiment with some brand-new ways to leverage its community. Far too often MMO developers rely on message boards (and little else) to interact with their players, and Carbine promises to mix things up a bit in the months ahead. The studio has yet to reveal exactly what these community experiments will entail, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more.