App Update: VOIP one-click join, new in-game visuals, and more!

0 Posted by - December 16, 2010 - Desktop App/Website Updates

Voice chat has been something that we’ve wanted to do for sometime now. We were thinking of all the different kinds of things we could add to it, but then finally realized that many people already have their VOIP of choice. So, much like many other features of Raptr, we decided to bring it all together. We now support one-click joining for Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, and Mumble. Now, whenever one of your friends joins a Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, or Mumble server, Raptr will detect it and allow you to join the server with a simple click of a button.

However, if your friends are on a password protected server, you can see that they’re on, but you can’t join them – we can’t let you join a server with a password!

Next, we’ve also updated our in-game overlay to include a new look and updated tools for your convenience. You can now search without opening the web browser first and adjust the colors of certain windows.

Check out the new in-game overlay for yourself! We think you’ll like it.

We’ve fixed some bugs as well as improved the performance of Raptr. You also might notice the changes we’ve been making to usher in our screenshot feature… Check it all out on the app release notes page.