Blizzard brings group training, replays to Heart of the Swarm

5 Posted by - February 25, 2013 - Engagement Activities, eSports, News

StarCraft II has always been regarded as a top-tier competitive game, but with such a steep learning curve, it also has a pretty staggering barrier to entry.

With the upcoming Heart of the Swarm expansion, however, Blizzard plans to introduce better tools that will teach players to succeed in their online skirmishes. These new features will make it even easier to learn from the competitive community, and they will make in-game training a far more collaborative experience.

To start, players will now be able to watch StarCraft II replays with other players. Users will simply create a lobby, invite their friends, and they can all check out a recent StarCraft II match as a group.

It might seem like a small update at first glance, but this group replay tool could prove to be a great resource for both new and experienced members of the StarCraft II community. By viewing replays as a group, players can more easily mentor each other, point out mistakes and clever strategies, and generally help others become more effective in the game.

Perhaps more interestingly, Heart of the Swarm will also let players take over the gameplay of a replay so they can try out new strategies on their own. For instance, they could look at a replay their latest defeat, take over control halfway through, and try a new strategy against their friends.


This feature will also let players check out  replays from the StarCraft pros. Players will be able to view replays from recent tournaments, and then take control of those matches so they can try new tactics for themselves.

By letting players view and control replays as a group, Blizzard is giving the community a number of new tools to learn from each other and become better at the game. It’s much easier to learn to play games like StarCraft II when players can easily mentor each other, and these group training tools could help new users break into the game’s competitive community.

These new features also fall right in line with Blizzard’s existing plans to introduce eSports and hardcore competitive games to a more casual audience.

For more information on Heart of the Swarm’s new replay features, visit Blizzard’s official website.