Game Marketing Awards 2013: Announcing the Best Community Activation Award

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Raptr will present the Best Community Activation Award at this year’s Game Marketing Summit in San Francisco.

The Best Community Activation Award recognizes the game that best exemplifies a strategic and forward-looking approach to community building. Raptr calls it “Community as a Service”: a player-first approach to design, marketing, and ongoing support with the purpose of fostering long-term relationships between gamer and game maker. The winner of this award is an industry leader in cultivating players that stay engaged longer in and out of game, play more often, and stay more loyal to a brand through built-in engagement features, UGC creation tools, or community events — or all of the above!


EVE Online (CCP Games)
Players have direct input in design decisions in this long-running MMO, thanks to its player-elected Council of Stellar Management. EVE also looks to its players to provide an overarching narrative, and holds annual Fanfest events.

RIFT (Trion Worlds)
As Trion Worlds continued to successfully pump new life into RIFT, one of the key drivers this past year was a loyalty program that drove 58% longer play sessions among RIFT players. By utilizing Raptr’s community platform, gamers earned tiered virtual rewards that included a free copy of the game plus one-month subscription to incentivize newbies and a valuable in-game Spider mount for players that reached the elite ranks.

League of Legends (Riot Games)
Last year’s most played PC game is known for its strong eSports support, innovative player-run discipline system, popular Spectator mode, and on-going efforts to improve player behavior via in-house psychologists. Their Season 2 World Championships pulled in over 1.1 million concurrent viewers and more than 8.2 million unique viewers total – making it the most watched competitive gaming eSports event of all-time. Riot translates this massive eSports viewership to continued engagement with the game and the community.

StarCraft II (Activision Blizzard)
Like League of Legends, StarCraft II is another leader in the eSports arena; 2012’s World Championship Series culminated with a battle between the world’s best players in Shanghai, China.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Activision Blizzard)
After a rocky start, the Call of Duty Elite service has steadily improved and offers robust stat tracking and clan support free to all players. Black Ops II also recently added streaming support to Twitch for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Borderlands 2 (2K Games)
Shift codes acted like a social media treasure hunt. By leaving valuable codes for fans to find across their different communities and digital channels — good for unlocking special in-game loot — the Borderlands 2 team created an on-going search and heightened engagement levels, in and out of game, that’s still going on today.

[UPDATE, 4/18/13] Click here to find out who won.