Gamers Can’t Play Madden And Watch Football At The Same Time

0 Posted by - May 3, 2010 - Case Studies, Player Insight, Trends & Data

It’s one thing to say gamers can’t play Madden and watch football at the same time, but it’s another to back it up. Well now with Raptr, I can say that statement is true to some extent.


There it is. I figured the data could go either direction. The football gamer would watch a game of their choice, then play Madden to replay the game under their control. Sunday is also the weekend, so theoretically the gamer would have more free time to play. On the other hand, the football gamer could just watch football all day with his/her buddies and not touch his/her 360 at all. The charts don’t lie though, gameplay for Madden 10 does go down during football Sunday.