How to Raptr: Highlights box and more stats!

0 Posted by - February 29, 2012 - About Us, Announcements, Desktop App/Website Updates, How to Raptr

Raptr has always been about capturing your gaming stats, so we’re particular pleased to introduce several new features that makes showcasing your gaming accomplishments a lot of fun to play with. Here’s a handy guide to the cool new highlights box, profile graphs, and more!

Highlights Box

The highlights box is a new addition that captures all the relevant stats and content you care about for your most recently played games, at a glance, right on your Dashboard page. This module is packed with stuff, so here’s a simple breakdown!

  1. Recently Played Games – A carousel of the latest games you played, with your accrued hours and achievements earned.
  2. Earned Ranks – Your earned ranks, including any additional experience you earned since you last checked out your profile, and what it takes to get to the next rank. Your rank is based on a combination of hours played and achievements earned.
  3. Rank Leaderboards – See how you stack up in rank against your friends. You can easily make friends on Raptr, or import your friends from Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Hot Content – Check out the latest news, reviews, guides, and more for the game in question. We filter this content based on where you are in the game or whether it’s an upcoming game. As an example, if you are ranked as a “Newbie,” we’ll find the best strategy guides and FAQs that can aid you in your gaming adventures; if it’s a new game coming out, we’ll find the best deals that you’ll want. For more details on how our content system automagically serves up the most relevant content, click here!

Big, Glorious Data

Stats are boring. But not the way we do it. Our redesigned About page in your Profile showcases what we mean. We breakdown your gaming accomplishments in fancy charts and graphs that you can play with. Here’s just some of what we capture for you:

  1. Game Collection – All the games you owned and/or played, sorted by platform (Raptr can automatically capture your game collection for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, and you add games for other platforms manually — it’s easy.) And you can see how your collection stacks up against the Raptr community.
  2. Game Genres – We have a full list of all the genres you love to play. If you mouseover each major genre we break it down into dozens of subgenres.
  3. Earned Ranks – You can see your ranks for all the games you have in your library. The chart on the About page is a simple summary, but if you want to drill down on your rank details across your entire library, check out your Game Collection page.
  4. Achievements Unlocked – You can see how many achievements you unlocked for our supported platforms, and compare yourself with Raptr community averages.

Want more info on how Raptr’s gaming reps sytem works, and how you can earn ranks for every game you play? Read more here!