Huge Raptr Client Update: Automatic highlight videos of your best gaming moments

12 Posted by - March 7, 2016 - Announcements, Community, Desktop App/Website Updates

Big news — the Raptr Client’s gameplay capture just got a major upgrade!

Imagine finishing a game session and all your best moments are already bookmarked on your video timeline, ready to share, no editing required. Even create entire highlight reels in seconds by clicking multiple bookmarks.

The latest Raptr Client does all of that, without impacting your performance or filling up your hard drive.

Here’s how it works:

  • Recording begins automatically when you play; no need to remember to turn it on
  • Captures the entire session (like a replay) and automatically deletes older videos
  • Drop a bookmark with a hotkey whenever something cool happens to make a 30-sec clip
  • Editing optional — you can adjust the start/end time of your bookmarked clips
  • Create a highlight reel by selecting multiple bookmarks
  • Records your webcam, mic, and mouse clicks (configurable)

It’s literally the fastest, easiest way to save and share your best gaming moments. Post your video to — the only community dedicated to every gamer’s highlights — and Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with a single click.

If you’re a League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, it gets even better. For those games, we use live match data to automatically bookmark your kills, deaths, killstreaks, and other key in-game events. (More game integrations coming soon.)

Now, with the updated Raptr Client, capturing and sharing your top plays is ridiculously easy. So show off that epic Rocket League comeback, or that time you got three pentakills in a single LoL match, all in one video — because your best moments deserve to be seen.

Restart your Raptr Client to update to the latest version. Don’t already have the Client? Get it here.