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0 Posted by - May 26, 2011 - Announcements, Desktop App/Website Updates

The new site is filled with all sorts of new things to tinker with, so much that it’s easy to lose a few hours just surfing around and enjoying the content! One section of the new site that that is going to get an equally impressive overhaul is your profile page.

Before we jump into the changes and upcoming features we thought it was worthwhile shedding light on how we went about this redesign. We’ve changed the way we approach development, factoring in user studies, community feedback, and industry research in a more meaningful way. We believe this will result in a better product, especially one as complex as our site, where we are constantly looking at how we balance style, usefulness, and performance.

Most of the features you are familiar with are still here, but the redesign improves the interface.

Gameplay and achievements now served up in Notifications – In the past, gameplay activity posted to your news feed can quickly turn into a stream of updates that just seems to clutter up your feed. As a result, we adopted a system similar to Facebook, where certain activities now show up in our newly launched notifications bar, which is located on the top menu. There are 3 different notifications icons (social activities, gameplay/achievements, submitted stories), which turn red when you have some updated activity requiring your attention. You can now quickly access your activity from any page (see image).

Improvements to your feed – The old Raptr website had a feed system that displayed all games played on Raptr, which isn’t very targeted or useful. So the feed now showcases personalized news stories that you care about (with even more stuff coming soon.) On your profile page, your feed will soon show all the stories, links, images, status updates that you submitted for easy tracking.

Your profile – Rather than cram all of your profile info on one page, your profile now consists of several pages. Your default profile page will show a quick snapshot of your gameplay activity and all of the stories you’ve submitted. If you want to dig into your gaming bio, you can do so via the ABOUT page, which allows you to go into more detail.

More changes: Check the FAQ! – If you are curious about some of the other changes, please check the FAQ. If something is still unclear, let us know, and we’ll see if we can do a better job of addressing it for you.

Even though the site just relaunched, we are still in open beta, so there are some Profile features that are being rolled out shortly. Most will be out before the end of summer, so we recommend coming back often to check out new things! And no, this isn’t some ploy to get you to come back to the site (we hope the great content and community are reason enough)!

Gameplay Activity and Games You Play Will be Added to Your Wall – While you can see up to the minute gaming activity in your notifications now, we wanted to present this information in a more meaningful way on your wall. We likely will test out different versions of how this will display, in which case, if you happen to get invited to our exclusive private beta testing group, you’ll get to see it before anyone else!

Manually Updating Your Playtime – We wanted to improve how this worked before rolling it out. It’ll function like it did before, if not better. Because we now allow you to follow games on pretty much all gaming platforms, this becomes important for us to nail down.

Time played bars – This feature will be making a comeback to your “most played” list. Apparently a lot of you really like having the orange bars displaying your playtime, so we’ll bring it back in a redesigned fashion.

User Reviews – Right now the users reviews are displayed in a simple unformatted layout. This will be improved in a way that allows for greater interaction, similar to how our news feed items work (ie, comment, vote, share, etc).

There are many more features coming soon. Stay tuned, and check back regularly for these updates! If you are REALLY having a hard time adjusting to the new Raptr, the old profile will still be available at while we continue to roll out features to the new profile. Please let us know what you think. The Feedback tab on ever page is looked at by our team and we take all feedback very seriously. We hope you enjoy the new Raptr!