Introducing GVR and Instant Replays — capture and share gameplay video with nearly no performance impact!

2 Posted by - July 28, 2014 - Featured On Homepage, How to Raptr, News

Pics or it didn’t happen? How about a video. Never miss a moment of greatness with Raptr’s new Game Video Recorder (GVR), which can continuously record your gameplay and easily save clips of your highlights, and supports stop/start recording as well. And the best part — GVR uses hardware encoding with modern AMD and nVidia GPUs, meaning almost no degradation of system performance while recording! Our Twitch streaming now takes advantage of hardware encoding as well.

If you’ve got an AMD card that supports VCE 1.0 or 2.0 (basically Radeon HD77XX series and up) or an nVidia GeForce 600/700 GPU, you should be all set to use GVR.

To start capturing gameplay, just turn GVR “on” in the Raptr client Control Center and begin playing. Hit Ctrl + / to save your last 15 seconds as an Instant Replay clip (15 seconds by default — you can extend that to 10 minutes), or use Ctrl + ; to activate start/stop recording. Then, when you’re done playing, you can easily upload and share your clips on Raptr and social media directly from the Gallery. (Detailed walkthrough here.)

GVR also captures your webcam feed and mic audio (if applicable), so your girlish screams will be recorded for posterity.

Our GVR and Twitch streaming features work with more than 5,000 game titles, and we’ll continue to evolve Instant Replays and GVR based on your feedback.

Now that we’ve made capturing gameplay clips much easier, we’re making a better showcase for video — both for your own exploits, and so you can easily find Replays you want to watch. You can now hashtag your videos (and soon, your image and discussion posts), so that people can not only browse by game to find it but also by theme — for example, #glitch, #explosions, #spaceninja, etc. Got an Instant Replay of you headshotting your friend? Add their Raptr name as a hashtag. For more on hashtags and how to use them, we’ve got a treatise here.