Introducing: Raptr Tracks beta!

0 Posted by - January 12, 2011 - Announcements, Desktop App/Website Updates

What better way to usher in a new year than with a new Raptr blog redesign! Welcome to Raptr Tracks!

Our last version of the blog was functional, but it’s been with us for over a year, and we clearly have outgrown its purpose. Raptr Tracks represents an expanded effort to bring you updated news on Raptr, more stats tracking goodness, and unique promos that we offer our users.  Raptr has grown so much in the last year that we wanted to make it easier for new users to find relevant stories,  rather than just see the latest posts, which tend to be one of the shortcomings of a typical blog. This blog redesign also represents a potential overall site redesign that may or may not be coming soon.

The goal is to help you more easily find what you need. Some of the improvements include:

  • New features boxes at the top of the site to see what the most important stories are.
  • New story boxes at the bottom of the site to highlight relevant stories you may also be interested in.
  • An improved navigation menu with more clear category listings.
  • Thumbnails for each article so that you can easily skim articles, and reduce load times.
  • A Raptr Reports module to see our most recent data reports.
  • Improved search and 2nd level pages to quickly find what you need.

You may have noticed that we said “beta”. We’d like to open up the site for public testing so everyone can kick the tires. Please let us know your feedback and whatever bugs you discover with this link.

We plan to gather all these bugs and have them fixed at the beginning of the new year, so any feedback before then is appreciated!

Thanks all, and have a happy holidays!