Introducing Raptr’s Weekly Gameplay Summary emails

0 Posted by - February 29, 2012 - About Us, Announcements, Desktop App/Website Updates, How to Raptr

You love getting emails from companies, right? Probably not. But we’ve been working hard to create an email from us to you that you would actually want to read. We think we’ve done it, and we call it the Weekly Gameplay Summary email (sorry — coming up with a name as cool as the email itself would’ve delayed the launch at least another month).

So here’s what we’re lookin’ at. Your Weekly Gameplay Summary email kicks off with, predictably, a nice summary of your recent gameplay broken down by game, with per-game rank info and a news headline that our military-grade AIs have decided is especially interesting to you, personally. Fail to enjoy it at your peril.

Then we’ve got info on your recent achievements earned, if applicable, and another piece of game-related content we’re pretty sure you’ll be interested in because we picked it out just for you.

And finally, if you added any new games to your collection in the last week, we got ’em here!

By the way, if you’ve opted out of receiving emails from us but you’ve changed your mind and want to get in on this action, just visit your Email Notifications settings page and check the “There is a weekly summary of my playtime, achievements, and games added” box. Yeah…that text could be a little better. It’s on our to-do list!