Most Played Games: April 2015 — Grand Theft Auto V Muscles In

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Overall gameplay slipped again in April, down 14.03%, but Grand Theft Auto V raced in to shake up the top five.

Grand Theft Auto V made a colossal entrance into April’s Most Played, landing in fourth place. Rockstar’s open-world shooter released for the PC in mid-April and racked up nearly as much playtime as World of Warcraft and CS:GO in just two weeks. We’ll see if GTA can push even higher in next month’s Most Played.

Speaking of, April was not so good for World of Warcraft as playtime was down 30.11%. CS:GO was also a loser, but not as bad with only a 7.64% drop. DOTA 2 managed to hold onto fifth place despite a 21.05% decline.

Diablo III was knocked out of the top five, even though gameplay increased by 11.08%, most likely due to the start of a new season and patches that tweaked all six classes.

Hearthstone also was a gainer with a 7.43% increase, in large part due to the Molten Core single-player adventure and related new cards.

Though Heroes of the Storm had its first major eSports event in April, Heroes of the Dorm, gameplay was down 4.79% for the month.

The final gameplay gainer in April was World of Tanks, with a 6.09% increase. The WGL grand finals took place in April, along with free XP events.

The rest of the top 20 didn’t fair too well, with each game losing gameplay time in the double digits. Final Fantasy XIV was down 24.27%. ArcheAge saw a gameplay decrease of 10.76% but managed to rise three places in April, thanks in part to Marketplace updates. Warframe lost 11.54% but gained a spot as well. Guild Wars 2 was hit the hardest with a 34.00% gameplay decline, while Battlefield 4, War Thunder, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and FIFA 15 all dropped by 20% or more.

And if that wasn’t enough of a downer, Spider Solitaire rose to 19th place.

Note: The Share number by each game represents that title’s gameplay time as a percentage of the total time spent on all the PC games played by Raptr members, and is useful for comparing the relative amount of play time between particular games.

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Guys, please expand this.

Right now a top 20 is actually useless as a source for data. I imagine it's great for you to get some hits, traffic and search results, but there are those of us that would find a list of 1000 games a very useful thing to have, no matter how much you think the minuscule difference between titles is. Being able to spot the next thing early is important for youtubers/streamers and so on, unfortunately there's no source out there that gives data on trends monthly. What we REALLY want is something that's up to the minute, like Steam stats but with ALL games not just steam games.

Please... Pretty please. You and Overwolf are the only people with access to this kind of reliable information. Release it and watch yourselves become a heavily used source by us larger YT and streamers.


@Anonified1332 Raptr used to post the current stats for all to view , but now they keep it to themselves. Also I would like to mention that the stats would reflect slightly differently from the Monthly reading for some reason...


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