Most Played Games: August 2015 – Diablo III and Warframe Make Big Gains

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While no new games cracked the Top 20 in August, esports events and content updates helped raise overall play time 9.44% compared to July.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive saw a 21.97% boost thanks in part to ESL Cologne. While the shooter is far from dethroning League of Legends (up 9.03% in August), it has a comfortable lead over number three, World of Warcraft (up 8.72%).

Rounding out the top five is Dota 2 and World of Tanks. Like CS:GO, Dota 2 also had a spike in play time (20.71%) thanks in part to The International. World of Tanks climbed 18.63% as the game celebrated its five-year anniversary and also got a boost from the WGLNA Season 1 playoffs.

Hearthstone jumped a rank into the sixth spot with a 30.67% play time increase, thanks to the Grand Tournament, the game’s fourth card expansion.

Our biggest gainer in August was Diablo III. Nearly doubling it’s July play time (up 91.05%), D3 saw the end of Season 3, the start of Season 4, a major update, and a Heroes of the Storm cross promotion.

However, despite the cross promo and addition of new heroes, Heroes of the Storm lost a rank and was down 8.85% in play time compared to July’s numbers.

MOBA Smite didn’t fair too well either. In fact, it lost 32.54% of play time in August compared to July. Despite an early August update, it slipped out of the top ten down to 13.

Warframe, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Crossfire, and Battlefield 4 all saw major gains in August thanks to new content.

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