Most Played Games: July 2015 – Terraria and Path of Exile Climb the Charts

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Terraria and Path of Exile made a strong return into the top 20 in July; overall play time was up 5.91% over the previous month.

World of Warcraft had a 20.63% play time surge in July compared to June. The game’s Fury of Hellfire update rolled out in late June, which helped to boost July’s numbers. The MMO is making a play for second place; its share time for July was only .40% shy of CS:GO.

Minecraft was another big gainer, up 14.82%. We can thank July’s Minecon, a new Minecraft: Story Mode game, and the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta launch, which was free for owners of previous PC/Mac versions.

Though Hearthstone play time increased by just .23%, it gained three spots. Its ascent was due to the the double digit play time decline of GTA V (-17.44%), Heroes of the Storm (-18.18%), and Smite (-12.21%).

Last month’s new top 20 entry, ARK, climbed a rank with a 17.31% play time increase. Constant new content and improvements to the game released throughout July.

Even though free DLC for The Witcher 3 continued to be released in July, the game was our biggest loser, with a 50.76% drop in play time. Following the trends of previous RPGs, this was not a surprise. August may well bring a rebound, though, thanks to the free new game plus mode that rolled out mid-month.

Final Fantasy XIV Online play time was up 65.23% with the addition of new quests, Lodestone updates, and various other fixes.

Terraria gained an incredible 534.84% play time boost thanks to the late June release of version, which introduced new items, characters, bosses, events, a new Expert world mode, and many other improvements to the game’s mechanics and interface.

Path of Exile had a strong showing in July as well, with a 286.63% play time surge. The game’s latest expansion, The Awakening, launched early in the month.

Spider Solitaire may have gained 9.09% play time in July, but it lost two places. We’ll take it.

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Monthly players doesn't mean more play time. Also being top on Steam doesn't mean it will be on the list.


I'm laughing so hard about your comment right now.


I'm laughing so hard at this list right now.  Dota 2 have more monthly players.  If GTA V, Warframe, and all the other games that are available for steam,  TF2 would have been in the Top 10...  TF2 is the 3rd most played game daily on steam...  Stop living off  Wikipedia.  


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