Most Played Games: July 2015 – Terraria and Path of Exile Climb the Charts

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Terraria and Path of Exile made a strong return into the top 20 in July; overall play time was up 5.91% over the previous month.

World of Warcraft had a 20.63% play time surge in July compared to June. The game’s Fury of Hellfire update rolled out in late June, which helped to boost July’s numbers. The MMO is making a play for second place; its share time for July was only .40% shy of CS:GO.

Minecraft was another big gainer, up 14.82%. We can thank July’s Minecon, a new Minecraft: Story Mode game, and the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta launch, which was free for owners of previous PC/Mac versions.

Though Hearthstone play time increased by just .23%, it gained three spots. Its ascent was due to the the double digit play time decline of GTA V (-17.44%), Heroes of the Storm (-18.18%), and Smite (-12.21%).

Last month’s new top 20 entry, ARK, climbed a rank with a 17.31% play time increase. Constant new content and improvements to the game released throughout July.

Even though free DLC for The Witcher 3 continued to be released in July, the game was our biggest loser, with a 50.76% drop in play time. Following the trends of previous RPGs, this was not a surprise. August may well bring a rebound, though, thanks to the free new game plus mode that rolled out mid-month.

Final Fantasy XIV Online play time was up 65.23% with the addition of new quests, Lodestone updates, and various other fixes.

Terraria gained an incredible 534.84% play time boost thanks to the late June release of version, which introduced new items, characters, bosses, events, a new Expert world mode, and many other improvements to the game’s mechanics and interface.

Path of Exile had a strong showing in July as well, with a 286.63% play time surge. The game’s latest expansion, The Awakening, launched early in the month.

Spider Solitaire may have gained 9.09% play time in July, but it lost two places. We’ll take it.

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