Most Played Games: June 2015 – ARK Debuts, Clicker Heroes and Dungeon Fighter Online Surprise

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ARK: Survival Evolved made an entrance into the top 20 in June, and so did a couple of unexpected contenders.

League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remained in the top spots once again in June with slight play time increases. LoL had a couple of mid-month patch updates, one of which was the release of five new Pool Party skins, an annual fan favorite. CS:GO had various updates, including the LoL Tribunal-like Overwatch feature coming out of beta.

We welcomed the return of World of Warcraft into the top five in June after its brief absence. Despite the (significant) Fury of Hellfire content patch, WoW gameplay was still down slightly versus May — but DOTA 2 and GTAV suffered larger drops.

DOTA 2 slipped a rank, losing 11.15% of play time compared to May, while GTAV lost more than half of its play time (54.50%) and stumbled down to seventh place. New systems to help detect GTAV players running mods and cheats in online play went live mid-month.

In its first full month on sale, The Witcher 3 rounded out our top 5, helped in part by free downloadable content.

Heroes of the Storm also enjoyed its first full month of release in June and jumped into eighth place. To celebrate its launch there were various experience bonuses and item discounts throughout the month.

Smite, the final MOBA in our top 20, lost a rank despite the introduction of a new god and skins, arena, and various balance updates.

ARK: Survival Evolved entered our Most Played PC games list for the first time with an early access launch at the beginning of June.

Clicker Heroes jumped 11 spots to enter June’s top 20 with an impressive 128.61% play time increase. Originally released as a web game in the summer of 2014, Clicker Heroes debuted on Steam in mid-May of this year, which accounts for its impressive play time spike..

Diablo III continued its downward trend in June, dropping five spots and more than half of its play time.

Dungeon Fighter Online made a surprise entrance into the top 20. Though the North American servers for the action MMORPG were shut down in 2013, they reopened with a closed beta in March 2015 and an open beta in June. We’ll have to wait and see if this resurgence will continue through July.

Spider Solitaire climbed two spots to rest at 16th place, up 6.43% in play time versus May. Distressing.

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This is bullshit lists how can Counter Strike: GO have more players than WoW , or Dota 2 while almost all of the time Dota 2 has 200k more players than CS:GO online , CS doesnt even reach 1 million while WoW has more than 5 millions Raptr lists arent accurate because noone is using RAPTR


@doffygx Obviously it's because people who play CS:GO are more likely to use Raptr...


Thank you. If it all possible can these come out closer to the 15th? Thanks greatly.


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