Most played games: March 2013

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Welcome to the first edition of our new, monthly most played Xbox 360 and PC games list, based on data from Raptr’s 17 million users! Sony doesn’t let PSN members share gameplay data, so that’s why no PlayStation games are in the rankings.

The Share number by each game represents that title’s gameplay time as a percentage of the total time spent on the top 1000 games played by Raptr users, and is useful for comparing the relative amount of play time between particular games.


DOTA 2, though still technically in beta, has made a strong push up the charts recently, with playtime up 63% month-over-month. Throughout March DOTA 2’s total playtime is less than half rival MOBA League of Legends’, but in the last week of the month DOTA 2 playtime was just 25% lower than LoL. It’ll be interesting to see if that trend continues through April.

Battlefield 3’s End Game DLC launched in the first half of March, and led to a larger spike in playtime than December’s Aftermath DLC. Month-on-month, BF3’s playtime was up 56% in March.

Halo 4, on the other hand, continues a slow decline, with playtime down 28% compared to the previous month.

Where were those Halo 4 players going? Surprisingly, the largest percentage went back to Mass Effect 3 based on Raptr’s gameplay data, presumably to play the Citadel DLC (launched 3/5). A much smaller portion moved to Gears of War: Judgment. By the last week of March Mass Effect 3 hours were on the wane, though – don’t expect it to be in the top 20 in April.

Remember that BioShock Infinite launched on 3/26 – in the last week of March the 360 version was the second-most played game, with the PC version coming in seventh.

Candy Crush Saga remains Raptr members’ favorite browser game, with Marvel: Avengers Alliance a very distant second (with less than 25% of Candy Crush’s playtime).

SimCity’s launch issues in early March were well publicized, and though it hung on to come in at #20, the trend is not looking good. During the last week of the month SimCity was the 34th most played game, and the drop off of new players joining the game has been precipitous since mid-month. It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, EA can do to turn this around.


What about EVE Online? o-O They have had an outstanding history.


What about EVE Online? o-O They have had an outstanding history.


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