Most Played PC Games: August 2014 — League of Legends, World of Tanks get an eSports boost

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eSports drove some of the biggest changes in August’s Most Played Games list, with League of Legends and World of Tanks receiving a surge of game time thanks to their respective eSports events, LoL’s LCS Playoffs and WoT’s WGLNA Season 4 Finals. On the other hand, DOTA 2 play time dropped significantly compared to July, when The International tournament took place. Overall, game time among Raptr members was up 2.4% this month, bucking the usual downward summer trend.


League of Legends remained lodged in the top spot again and, for the first time, accounted for over 20% of all PC play time among Raptr members. The game received a slight bump in play time early in the month due in part to patch 4.15, which (most notably) introduced a new tier to the ranking system. However, the major driver in the MOBA’s 18.72% month-over-month play time increase was the LCS NA Playoffs that occurred in late August.

World of Warcraft edged out DOTA 2 as play time increased 17.40% compared to July, with a peak that coincided with a 50% price drop for the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

DOTA 2 slipped a rank in August, thanks to a 27.87% gameplay time drop versus the previous month, when the game enjoyed a big boost from The International tournament. Minor updates (workshop tools entering beta, tweaks to mastery gems) couldn’t claw back much time.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remained in the fourth spot thanks to the ESL One Cologne 2014 CS:GO Championship. Gameplay time doubled during the finals compared to the previous week in August; players were able to spectate from within the CS:GO launcher, so that’s undoubtedly a factor.

One game on a very strong, non-eSports related upswing is Smite, which gained five ranks and posted a 170% gameplay increase over the previous month. That’s due to a few factors: a Free Gem Sunday on 8/24 was by far the biggest day of the month; a content patch (including a new god, Cabrakan); and new Smite Rewards in Raptr’s Rewards Store.

While Diablo III remained in sixth place, we expect that to change in September as the 2.1.0 patch released at the end of August was kind of a big deal, with new modes, content, and limited time in-game bonuses. Daily play time is trending way up as a result.

Guild Wars 2 rose five spots due largely to a 50%-off sale that coincided with the second anniversary of the title.

World of Tanks climbed the Most Played board thanks to the WGLNA Season 4 Finals, which took place at the end of the month. The game also received regular weekend gameplay bumps thanks to various weekend-related events, contests, and giveaways.

Star Wars: The Old Republic rose six places in August with an 11.60% gameplay time increase compared to July. Early access to the Galactic Stronghold expansion kicked in on 8/19 and appears to be a main driver there.

Thanks to a massive 2K Steam sale, Civilization V climbed two spots. Though the current gameplay trend is decreasing, we’ll have to wait and see if it’ll get a resurgence in the coming months in anticipation of Civilization: Beyond Earth, which launches in October.

Free-to-play shooter Crossfire had a 189.01% hike in gameplay time, bumping it up to 19th place. The game featured weapon sales as well as new game content in its Rise of the Champions patch in mid-August.

With a late July release, Firefall made a 40-spot jump into the top 20 for August. Not too surprisingly, Firefall is converting more players from fellow F2P shooter Warframe than any other game, with DOTA 2 coming in second.

Note: The Share number by each game represents that title’s gameplay time as a percentage of the total time spent on all the PC games played by Raptr members, and is useful for comparing the relative amount of playtime between particular games.

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