Raptr.com improvements: New features and fixes

0 Posted by - June 16, 2011 - Announcements, Desktop App/Website Updates

It has only been a few weeks since the new Raptr website launched but we are already getting lots of positive and constructive feedback from you guys. Here is a highlight of some of the more interesting new features and improvements that just went live. Most of the updates are to address immediate issues, bugs, and optimizations. Over 75 issues were addressed! For a full list of all the tweaks and improvements, see the website release notes.

View More Stories on Raptr – On your dashboard, there was a cap on how many stories would show up at any given time, which was set at 20. Many people told us that they wanted to be able to read more than 20 stories. They also wanted to be able to go back and read older stories that they might have missed. Now you can! Starting today, you’ll find that we’ve added the “more” button at the bottom of your dashboard so that you can view more news stories if you want to. So have at it! Read more posts, discover more news, and engage in more discussions around all things gaming!

View more Suggestions – Along with being able to view more stories, now you can check out more Suggested Topics. Under the Suggestions box on your dashboard, you will now find the ‘more’ button. Anyone want to guess what that does?

Report a feed item – Did you know that you can report a feed item? While so far, we feel pretty good about the overall high quality of content found on Raptr, we do sometimes find a few bad apples here and there. These couple be posts that are spammy, tagged incorrectly, or sometimes honest mistakes when posting. All you have to do to report a story is to click on the small ‘x’ that shows up at the top right hand corner of the post when you mouse over. Reporting a feed item now also automatically votes it down.

Report/Flag individual comments – Along the same lines, now there is a similar feature to report or flag an individual comment on a post. You know the drill – click on the small ‘x’ that appears when you mouse over to the top right corner of the comment box.

Remove games from your game library – If there is a game you want to remove from your Games Library for whatever reason, now you can do so! Again, mouse over to the top right corner of the game box in your My Games page, and click on the ‘Remove from Library’ button that appears.

Improved search engine – There has been a slew of optimizations and tweaks done to the search engine so that finding the exact content you want on Raptr is much more intuitive and faster. These include a more intelligent ‘autocomplete’ function, displays of AKAs, and improvements to search algorithms to return more relevant results.

Improved dashboard, feed items and topic/game pages – Lots of little annoyances were flushed out and as a result the whole experience feels cleaner and more intuitive. Improvements include more polished UI, fixes on duplicate topics on feed items, and fixes on feed/comment fields.

Improved profiles, people – We added new reminders to help new users navigate. We also cleaned up how the profile pages displayed some stats. (e.g. displaying “<1 hours” instead of “0 hours” when you have less than 1 hour of gameplay). Again, for a full list of updates and improvements, check out this post.

While we’ll continue to address outstanding issues, we’re turning more of our attention to improving your profile and activity feed, and display of achievements. For now many of these features continue to exist at old.Raptr.com til we improve them. Stay tuned for more!

We’re constantly working on improving the website and tweaking stuff so if you got suggestions please click on the ‘Feedback’ button on the right hand side of your dashboard.

That’s it folks. Now go back to Raptr.com! For posting tips, guidelines, and rules, check out The Raptr Manifesto.