New iPhone App supports Xbox, PS3, and PC

0 Posted by - October 14, 2010 - Desktop App/Website Updates

It’s out now! The Raptr iPhone App now supports Raptr, Xbox 360, PS3, and Steam friends! Know what all your friends are playing at all times and message them to get a game started before you get to your console or PC. Use it at the gym, after school, or on your way home from work (not while driving though :)) for maximum effectiveness.

That’s not all!  Many users wanted to upload an avatar from their phone and see high resolution profile pictures. We’ve made improvements to profile editing and the visuals. See below for the full feature set and some screens. We hope you enjoy this release! Download the app here or just search for “Raptr” in the app store.


  • Know what your friends are playing across Xbox Live, PS3, Steam, and Raptr in real-time
  • Automatically add all your existing Xbox Live, PS3, and Steam friends
  • Send and receive Raptr and Xbox Live messages via one unified inbox
  • Track your gameplay and achievements on your profile
  • Find new friends and invite other friends to use Raptr from your iPhone address book, Twitter, and more
  • Fast app switching support for iOS4 and higher resolution avatars
  • An additional section dedicated to Raptr’s official blog keeps Raptr users constantly in sync with the latest updates, data reports and news

Have any feedback? Let us know! Comment below on any features you’d like or how badly you want an Android app. We appreciate any thoughts you might want to share!