Raptr at PAX East and Game Connection

5 Posted by - March 20, 2013 - News, Uncategorized

Raptr will make an appearance at a couple of community-focused panels over the next few days, at PAX East and Game Connection.

Raptr’s Director of Community, Demian Linn, will join representatives from Bethesda, Ubisoft, Capcom, and CCP in the PAX East panel Community: The Most Important Bullet Point Not on the Box, on Friday, March 22, from 5-6PM ET. Moderated by Machinima editor-in-chief Rob Smith, the panel will discuss the importance of serving the community and how the community’s voice matters in game development, marketing, live services, game enhancements, and more. For those who can’t make it, a video of the panel will go up on Machinima at a later date.

And then at Game Connection in San Francisco, Raptr CEO Dennis Fong will serve as moderator for Game Connection Marketing [a]list summit – Games as Community, not Commodity, where attendees will learn the best way to engage their communities and build a passionate fanbase for their games. The panel will be on Monday, March 25, from 2:45-3:35PM PT.

We hope you can join us!