Raptr Now Supports +40,000 Games!

0 Posted by - August 31, 2010 - Desktop App/Website Updates, Featured On Homepage

Someone has been busy! Raptr just hit a major milestone as we have added over 40,000 games to our database. Every month we’re adding over 1000 new games across all sorts of platforms, from PC to console. On top of that, we also go back and update our existing library. In this last detection update we patched +100 games. We couldn’t have made all these fixes without your help. So thanks to the awesome Raptr community!

Keeping our game library and detections up to date is no easy task. Luckily Baz, our head content guy, has been handling game pages and game detections since his Xfire days, so he’s developed a particular knack for keeping our library fresh. Each game has to be manually added – there is an actual person that looks up the specific game info, creates a game page, installs the game, creates the detection, and runs the game for testing. We have a team dedicated to keeping everything up to date. While the process is complex, they move fast. When we hear of a critical game that we need to add, sometimes they can get it done before I get back from lunch the same day.

Most people don’t realize that we actually spend money to buy a bunch of the games we need. We have 1,400 PC games around our office and over 450 games on our company Steam account. Most of the time, games are pre-ordered via Amazon and shipped to our office on release date. Sometimes for big releases, we go out and buy the game just like most diehard fans. Assuming each game is on average $40, we’ve spent $74,000 on games! Keeping our game library up to date is expensive business!

(Each one of those binders holds ~150 games!)

We’re just getting started. There are a massive amount of new games coming out this holiday season and we are primed and ready to have the games you want added to our system. In addition, we’ve been adding older console systems and classic games, which you can manually add to your profile. We’re committed to building the biggest gaming database ever! So if there’s a game we still don’t have in our system, let us know. You can request games here or in our forums!