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Steam’s Summer Sale is kind of a big deal and definitely had a major impact on the charts this month. While overall gameplay time was down 1% from June, with Rift’s playtime (which got a huge Raptr Rewards-related and F2P-transition bump in May/June) dropped out of the equation that figure goes up to a 7% increase in playtime. Read on for the details….

Note: This list, based on playtime data from Raptr’s 18 million users, includes PC and Xbox 360 games only — Sony and Nintendo don’t let players share gameplay data publicly.

The Share number by each game represents that title’s gameplay time as a percentage of the total time spent on the top 1000 games played by Raptr users, and is useful for comparing the relative amount of play time between particular games.


League of Legends is back on top, but gameplay time dropped 6% compared to June — the game’s first playtime dip since February. We blame a couple factors: the dark side of the Steam Summer Sale (players leaving established games to try something new) and the official launch of LoL’s biggest competitor, DOTA 2, which finally emerged from well over a year in beta. DOTA 2 playtime just climbed a modest 1.7% month-on-month, though.

Borderlands 2 is just shy of a year old and yet it’s going strong, up five places on Xbox 360 and nine for the PC version this month. The game’s been on a steady climb since its low point in March, thanks in large part to a level cap increase and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC in late June. Playtime for the Xbox 360 version is up 47% over June and 2.6X of March’s numbers, while the PC version, also enjoying a Steam Sale boost, is up 66% and 6.1X respectively.

Warframe experienced the first playtime decline that we’ve seen since launch, down 14% this month, but a Warframe Raptr Rewards program also ended in June so that’s definitely a contributing factor.

A major update to eight-year-old Source-engine sandbox Garry’s Mod added Steam Pipe functionality in mid June, breaking a lot of old mods but streamlining things in general. That and some deep Steam sale discounts boosted playtime 55% month-on-month.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was another Steam sale beneficiary — PC version playtime was up 40% over June, and 99% compared to May. Playtime for the 360 version remained flat.



How did the PC version of Defiance climb a dozen spots even though its companion TV show isn’t putting out new episodes until June 2014? Steam sale, of course — playtime was up 105% month-on-month and even 11% over its all-time high in April, when the show debuted.

Killing Floor also rode the Steam sale wave, but comboed that with a big batch of mostly free DLC, including a new mode, and a free-to-play week in early July. Result: playtime up 347%.

And then Terraria up 63%, yes, Steam sale.



Price drops and sales drove most of the movement on the Xbox list as well this month. Assassin’s Creed II was free as part of the Games with Gold program (like Fable III in June — look for Crackdown and Dead Rising 2 to get a similar boost in August). Gears of War 3 got a big price drop and overtook Gears of War: Judgment for the first time since that game launched. Playtime is up 58% month-on-month.

A 24-hour sale on Forza Horizon dropped the price to $15 in early July and helped bump playtime up 46% over June.

In contrast to the PC version of Defiance, playtime for the 360 version was down 23% this month and 77% from April’s high.



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