Raptr’s Most Played PC Games: February 2014 – Diablo III on the rise

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It was a fairly quiet month in February, with no new releases cracking the top 20. The biggest mover? A resurgent Diablo III.

Note: The Share number by each game represents that title’s gameplay time as a percentage of the total time spent on all the PC games played by Raptr members, and is useful for comparing the relative amount of playtime between particular games.


Total February PC playtime was up nearly 17% over January, though part of that is due to Raptr’s rapidly expanding membership. DOTA 2 retained the top spot, and its Share percentage increased by half a point. League of Legends swapped places with World of Warcraft once again and lost .1% Share. (League of Legends playtime tracking only works during actual games and not lobby time due to the way the game’s designed, so LoL playtime would compare more favorably with DOTA 2 if it could be tracked in the same way.)

World of Warcraft saw a huge spike in gameplay in mid-February because the 5.4.7 patch, which rolled out some balance changes as well as a new PVP season. Since then World of Warcraft has remained strong.

Battlefield 4 maintained its hold as the top FPS — the Titanfall beta’s best day was only as good as Battlefield’s slowest all month. Now that Titanfall’s officially in the wild, we’re watching the numbers and may provide some analysis of its launch performance before next month’s Most Played list.

Warframe and Guild Wars 2 each saw a small jump in the ranks after both games released updates adjusting their in-game rewards for various missions completed and enemies defeated; Warframe in the beginning of the month, Guild Wars 2 at the end.

Diablo III is back, moving up a dozen spots from last month and returning to the top 20 for the first time since September. Patch 2.0.1 launched on February 25 and lead to a huge — 5x — daily playtime increase. The patch introduced a completely redone loot system (in preparation for the removal of auction houses in March’s Reaper of Souls expansion) and redesigned Paragon system. Playtime has only continued to increase so far in March due in no small part to Diablo’s current +50% XP boost in the run up to the expansion. We expect Diablo III to make the top 10 for next month’s list — possibly even top 5.

Although last month was a battle of survival between Rust and DayZ, Rust continues to dominate, moving up another spot, while DayZ slips four places down. Updates to weapons and hunting at the end of February didn’t translate into much of a playtime boost for DayZ.

Though the Titanfall beta didn’t make a dent in Battlefield 4’s playtime, Skyrim moved six places down — likely due to the Elder Scrolls Online beta running intermittently throughout February.

The card-battling Hearthstone, which saw its first full month of open beta release in February, jumped up two places. The game began its Test Season 3, which lasted until the end of the month.

While a late January content update boosted Starbound into last month’s Most Played, February’s mid-month “Enraged Koala” update didn’t have as much of an impact, and the game slipped from the list.

With March’s release of Titanfall and South Park: Stick of Truth, expect more of a shake up in next month’s Most Played rankings!


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