Raptr’s Most Played PC Games: January 2014 – The rise of Rust and DayZ

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It’s a battle for survival as the standalone version of DayZ and newcomer Rust both fought their way onto January’s Most Played Games list. Surprisingly, Rust came out ahead.

Note: The Share number by each game represents that title’s gameplay time as a percentage of the total time spent on all the PC games played by Raptr members, and is useful for comparing the relative amount of playtime between particular games.


From the creators of Garry’s Mod, Rust launched on December 11 via Steam Early Access and almost immediately shot up Steam’s sales and most played charts. Then in late January, daily gameplay hours suddenly tripled, possibly as a result of media coverage. The game’s already sold 750k copies (at $20 each) and earned 2/3 the revenue of Garry’s Mod, which has been around for eight years.

Also in its first full month of release, DayZ came in at the 14th spot. It’ll be interesting to watch how these two perform in the coming weeks.

Playtime for both DOTA 2 and League of Legends increased in January. While DOTA 2 still topped the charts with 7.96% of all PC playtime among members, LoL was up 15% over last month compared to a 5% boost for DOTA 2. (League of Legends playtime tracking only works during actual games and not lobby time due to the way the game’s designed, so LoL playtime would compare even more favorably with DOTA 2 if it could be tracked in the same way.)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came close to overtaking Battlefield 4 as January’s most popular PC FPS, and only seems to be gaining ground. The Operation Bravo event, a playlist that brought ten maps and two new weapon collections to the game, wraps up on February 5 — we’ll see how that affects February’s rankings, and how quickly developers Valve/Hidden Path roll out a follow-up event.

Blizzard’s collectible-card game Hearthstone finally hit open beta on January 21, and daily playtime about doubled at that point. Nevertheless, it only gained one place in our rankings.

World of Tanks moved up two spots, finding its way back into Raptr’s top 20. This looks to be due in part to the 8.10 content update, which added a new nation and map, along with a number of New Year-related in-game events and promos.

Though we predicted that, barring a major patch or content update, Starbound wouldn’t make it into Raptr’s top 20 this month, the development team at Chucklefish did indeed roll out an update on January 26. Dubbed “Furious Koala,” it added multiple difficulty levels, dedicated areas for versus play, additional content, and other mechanical and aesthetic changes. Daily playtime spiked 5+X immediately after.

Finally, Path of Exile dropped to #25 this month. The next major content update isn’t expected until March.




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what about 360?  :<


That's what I thought too. However having this in mind - Battlefield 4's got an extremely high position.


DOTA 2 could only make it to the top, because it's a Steam game, and Raptr is tracking Steam regardless of you closing the desktop app.


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