Raptr’s new gamercards! Let us show you them!

0 Posted by - March 27, 2012 - About Us, Desktop App/Website Updates, Featured On Homepage, How to Raptr

Now that you’ve ranked up with Raptr’s all new gaming rep system, it’s time to show the world how you stack up using our redesigned and reimagined gamercards — ideal for use as forum signatures, embedding on blogs, or tattoo templates.

We’ve just added six sleek gamercard types, including a brand spankin’ new platform-specific gamercard (in case you need to settle any impromptu “who likes Xbox 360/PSN/PC games more” arguments) and even a game-specific card builder for every title in your collection that you’re ranked in!

Overall gameplay cards — two sizes fit all

Jack of all trades? Our overall gameplay cards summarize all your vitals, in both large and small varieties.

Game-specific cards, large and small

Show off your rank in any game in your collection (that you’ve tracked gameplay hours and/or achievements for). Finally tell the world you’re a Newbie in Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure!

Last-game-played card

Our last-game-played gamercard keeps it fresh…by doing exactly what you think it does.

Platform gamercard

Finally, our new platform card shows off your game collection, gameplay time, achievements/trophies, and platform-specific reputation rank on Xbox 360, PSN, or PC.

Check ’em out and get your own on your Signatures & Widgets page!