Rank FAQ: Raptr’s rep system explained

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Raptr’s gaming rep system allows you to earn ranks in every title you play! Raptr’s ranks make it easy to see how you stack up against your friends and the community at large — reaching Hardcore or Elite in a popular game is a serious bragging right and a clear indication of your time spent and achievements earned! Read on to learn the ins and outs of the system.

To get the full experience and track all of your data, you’ll need to get the Raptr desktop app (if you don’t already have it) and connect all of your gamer identities!

How it works
We track your gameplay hours and achievements per game and then compare your stats with the rest of Raptr’s community playerbase to derive your rank in that game.

For Xbox 360 and PC games, we take into consideration hours played as well as achievements earned (if applicable). Each achievement counts as the equivalent of one hour played for comparison purposes. For PSN games, since Sony doesn’t let us track gameplay hours we use your Trophy count to determine your rank, plus any gameplay time you track manually. For legacy platforms, ranks are based entirely on manually tracked hours.

What are the ranks and how does Raptr calculate them?
There are six ranks total:

We compare your hours played and achievements earned in a particular game versus the rest of the Raptr community to determine your rank. If you have no recorded gameplay activity or achievements/trophies for a game you will not have a rank in that game.

Can my rank ever decrease?
Yes. If you stop playing a game, or play it less frequently, you could drop in rank as other Raptr members continue to log hours and gain achievements.

How can I find out what I need to do to reach the next rank?
In the highlights box on your Dashboard we display the number of hours and/or achievements necessary to reach the next rank for your most recent game, and you can scroll through other recently played games here as well.

You can also see what you need to reach your next rank for each game on your Game Collection page — simply mouseover each game’s rank progress bar.

Incidentally, if you reach Elite rank in a game, then we’ll tell you how many hours and/or achievements needed to reach the #1 spot across all of Raptr!

How do ranks work for multiplatform games?
Ranks are specific to the platform you’re playing on — so if you’re Elite playing Skyrim on PC, that’s in relation to other PC players. The one exception: Your friends leaderboard on the highlights box is platform agnostic.

What about when a new game launches — if I’m the first person playing it on Raptr, will I automatically be Elite?
That’d be nice, but no. We use some fancy predictive modeling to forecast what a game’s ranks are going to look like during the first few weeks of play, and it’s very difficult to hit Elite on day 1. But depending on the game, not necessarily impossible.

Does manual tracking affect rank?
Yes. For all platforms.