Steam Greenlight game Guncraft shows off community-made creations

2 Posted by - July 30, 2013 - Uncategorized

Want the easy answer to winning enough votes on Steam Greenlight to get promoted to an official release? Just take the free-ranging multiplayer combat of Battlefield and place it in the DIY digital Lego environment of Minecraft. They are the two great tastes that go great together.

Sure enough, Guncraft by indie developer Exato Game Studios releases August 9 on Steam. But unlike a lot of titles — or maybe in true Mincraft fashion — Exato released the game’s gunsmithing tool, voxel importer, and level builder during the live beta…well ahead of the game’s release.

And their community’s already been very, very busy.

Exacto released a video showcasing some fairly impressive Guncraft builds, both large and small. A few firearms take their time in the spotlight, but some of the environments on display are inspiring.

They include the island castle of New Haven, a green Enchanted Forest, and Mt. Kilablocka, an awesome spire that looks equal parts Lord of the Rings and Mr. Olympus. And since this is the Internet, one player — appropriately named Westeroscraft — built the white towers and keeps of “Winterfall,” no doubt a sister castle to Winterfall from Game of Thrones.

It’s tough to say how these locations might handle once Guncraft’s assortment of assault weaponry and helecopter gunships comes into play, but it’s amazing to watch a community embrace a new game so enthusiastically.