Taskle’s Take: New Categories, Colors, and Commenting Features

0 Posted by - November 8, 2011 - About Us, Desktop App/Website Updates, How to Raptr

Hey all –

Taskle here again to give you a quick look at some of the improvements we’ve rolled out over the last few days on Raptr!

Post Categories:

When you’re creating a post on Raptr you can now select what kind of article it is via a drop-down menu — preview, review, opinion, etc. And you can sort posts in your feed or a topic page based on those criteria. It’s a little thing…but a key part of a master plan that we’ll roll out in the future!

Comments: A Vision in Gray

You might notice some color changes in your Raptr feed. We’ve made the comments background gray to help differentiate the many posts and comments in your Activity Feeds. Comments now rawr meow with this bold new tone.

Discover Something New

Click on the View Topics link of a post and you’ll notice that we’ve colored game topics a darker blue to help distinguish them from  other kinds of topics. Handy if you’re looking to discover new games you’d like to follow. Or if you just really enjoy dark blue.

The New “Reply” Button

What if I told you you could reply to a comment by “xXxSolidMasterChefxXx” without typing “@” followed by all those Xs and random words? Well the future is now with the new Reply button. Hover over a comment, any comment, click that Reply link, and the name of the person you’re complimenting/arguing with shows up as if by magic. Magic.

For a full list of improvements, check out the website release notes.