Terraria creator turns to the community for update ideas

4 Posted by - February 6, 2013 - Community Platforms, News

We’re used to musicians taking requests, but it’s not very often that we see game developers do the same. Terraria creator Andrew “Redigit” Spinks, however, recently took to his official forums and asked his fans what they would like to see in a potential content update for the PC version of the game.

Shortly after announcing that his 2D world-building game is coming to consoles with new features and content, Spinks posed the following question on the Terraria message board: “Say I am considering doing an update for the PC version of Terraria… In the event that such a thing were to take place, what would be some things that you would be interested in seeing?”

Those fans would apparently like to see quite a lot, as Spinks has attracted more than 150 pages of relpies at the time of this writing. Players are clamoring for new bosses, harder difficulties, more varied environments, and much more. Spinks has stayed active within the thread to discuss these desired changes with the community.

At this point, Spinks isn’t sure which features, if any, will make it into a future update, but as we’ve seen numerous times before, this sort of dialogue could go a long way toward strengthening the Terraria community.

Raptr’s previous data indicates that developer Q&As can increase player engagement with a given title, and when players have the chance to influence or create their own game content, they’re far more likely to engage with that game over a long period of time.

By talking directly with the fans about Terraria’s ongoing development, Spinks and the rest of the Terraria team are not only gathering valuable feedback; they’re also building a strong relationship with their players that could sustain Terraria’s community in the months ahead.

For more, check out the official Terraria forums.