Benefits of Using Raptr’s Community Platform


As the leading community for gamers, Raptr is committed to connect game makers with gamers. With over 21 million gamers that use Raptr on the web, mobile, and in-game, we have an unparalleled level of understanding of gaming behavior. Now thanks to Raptr’s Community Platform, game developers and publishers can engage with current and potential players in meaningful ways.


Raptr’s Community Platform is a suite of features designed to provide Community as a Service solutions so publishers can attract and more deeply engage gamers. These features and tools include:

  • Raptr’s Desktop App provides tools to enable players to stay in the game and create community content such as screenshots and videos
  • Raptr’s web platform allow publishers to directly engage with their fan base when they aren’t playing their game
  • Raptr’s Reward Program creates loyal players, giving gamers something to strive for as they progress from new user to loyal customer
  • Raptr’s Analytics Dashboard helps publishers identify and understand the habits and behaviors of their players & players of competitors’ games

Raptr's Analytics Dashboard

For details on the impact of a Community As A Service approach, you can read Raptr’s report here. If you’d like more information about Raptr’s Community Platform, or for a free demo, please feel free to contact