The big bots come out for a lone Mechwarrior’s charity livestream

3 Posted by - August 13, 2013 - News

Sometimes, you find a real hero.

Last month, Rikki “xImpalerx” Cabler — family man and Mechwarrior Online player in the No Guts No Galaxy community — launched a 24-hour live stream on TwitchTV to raise money for the Autism Science Foundation. Cabler, whose son was diagnosed with autistism, held the day-long RJC Memorial Charity Live Stream for Autism on the 17th anniversary of his father’s passing and dedicated it to his memory. The plan: stay awake, entertain his viewers, and play on for as long as his brain held out. His goal was a modest $2000.

But as it turned out, Cabler had a few special guests lined up to help out…and a bunch more showed up to lend their support.

Jordan Weisman, co-founder of pen-and-paper RPG company FASA and the architect behind both BattleMech and the original MechWarrior games, dropped by to chat about how the games came into being. Joining him: Mechwarrior voice actor George “Duncan Fisher” Ledoux.

And as Cabler pressed on through his marathon, word spread. More people dropped by or tweeted news of his fundraiser out on Twitter.

Among the people who got involved in one way or another: David Jaffe (created or God of War and Twisted Metal), Cliff Bleszinski (Unreal Tournament, Gears of War), Carolyn Petit of GameSpot, Marcel Hatam of Crytek (Crysis), Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall) community manager Abbie Heppe, and Brian Fargo (Fallout, Planetscape: Torment, Wasteland),

But above and beyond the celebrity endorsements and appearances, the community came together around one of their own.

Cabler reached his $2000 goal fairly quickly, and then saw his total reach double what he originally planned for. When he finally closed down his livestream 24 hours later, Cabler’s fundraising racked up $8271 — more than four times what he set out to do. The single biggest donation came from Mechwarrior Online developer Piranha Games.

No Guts No Galaxy plans to post the entire livestream on their community page, and already its community members have discussed the possibility of doing a few charity events a year.

Central to those discussions: making the RJC Memorial Charity Live Stream an annual event.