The Last of Us: What Trophies players are earning

4 Posted by - July 15, 2013 - Trends & Data

After roughly a month in the wild, the breakdown of Trophies earned in the PlayStation-exclusive The Last of Us shows an interesting breakdown on how players approach the apocalypse.

The Last of Us offers 24 Trophies in total. These percentages come from the total number of Raptr users playing the game.

For starters, 57.6% of players have completed the game on Normal difficulty, which occasionally gets pretty brutal as-is. So maybe it’s not so surprising that 16.7% have finished a run on Hard and only 4.8% on Survivor, which cuts out the player’s all-important ability to track enemies using the “listen” function.

And 2.8% have won the Trophy for making a second run on Survivor+. That number may represent the most masochistic players on Raptr’s entire network.

More than anything, The Last of Us encourages thoroughness to get the most out of the experience, and that applies to both the gameplay and the story. The player, as lead character Joel, can frequently interact with other survivors he meets or with his young charge, Ellie, for purely optional narrative moments. To date, only 3.4% of all players have found every single dialogue moment in the game, though 5.7% have suffered through the horrors of Ellie’s entire joke book. Perhaps as a defense mechanism, 6% collected all 14 of Ellie’s favorite comic books.

On the survivalist side of things, some people were a bit more thorough. Nearly 87% of players crafted every item in the game…a pretty vital pastime for anyone hoping to deal with hordes of instantly lethal Clickers. Presumably, the other 13% didn’t find much use for smoke bombs.

Only 6.3% found enough skill pills to fully upgrade Joel. Another 5.8% found every skill-enhancing training manual.

About 5.3% spent a shiv breaking into “shiv doors,” but the supply-heavy rooms on the other side likely made it worthwhile, while 4.6% found all the artifacts left behind from before the plague struck and 4.9% found all the Firefly pendants dropped by dead resistance fighters. All in all, 5% of players nabbed the Scavenger trophy for finding ever collectable in the game.

Engagement in The Last of Us’ equally savage multiplayer seems pretty good, with just over 30% of players building their faction up to a total of 40 survivors. That said, only 22% have earned the “Knowing the Basics” trophy for winning a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in find match.

And in the multiplayer matchup between factions, Hunters have edged out the Fireflies. All told, 4.7% of players have completed the Hunter cycle to the Fireflies’ 4.2% completion.

As yet, only 0.75% of players have earned the Platinum trophy for earning every Trophy in the game.