The Most Played New IP of 2011


Though this year may be remembered for its hit sequels, quite a few new IPs made an impact on the gaming world. From Bulletstorm to RAGE to Catherine, which new IP did gamers play the most?

WINNER:  L.A. Noire

Investigate crime scenes, interrogate suspects, get enthralled in intense car chases, all the while getting lost in the glam of 1940s Los Angeles.

This year companies such as THQ, 2K, and Microsoft spent millions marketing their new IPs. L.A. Noire captured the most playtime from gamers willing to try something new: The game earned over 2.5x more total playtime than its closest competitor and the most playtime per person with 10.73 hours.

Surprisingly, Catherine came out on top of the longest-session-length category with 2.41 hours — fans couldn’t put that one down.

And similar to Team Fortress 2, hats are important to L.A. Noire players when investigating crime scenes as 65% of players completed a fight without losing their hat.

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