The Most Played Open-World Game of 2011


Who would have imagined that this year’s lineup of top open-world games would feature assassins, zombies and clowns? Ok, maybe not all games come packed with zombies, but they should! Despite not having any zombies, at least that I know of, Batman:  Arkham City is the most played open-word game.

WINNER:  Batman:  Arkham City

Following the story of 2009’s Arkham Asylum, Arkham City is packed with the most monstrous villains of the Batman Universe. From the returning maniacal Joker to the cold-hearted Mr. Freeze, Batman must maneuver his way to the renamed town of Arkham City to not only save himself, but a villain who has long wanted the big, bad bat dead.

It was a close battle. Batman: Arkham City won playtime share by a 13% margin, Dead Island received the most playtime per person at 15.43 hours, while Saints Row: The Third earned the longest session length with 2.77 hours.

With a different winner in all three categories, the tie breaker goes to total playtime; Batman: Arkham City clocked the most playtime overall.

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