The Most Played Social Game of 2011


Social games have become a dominating force this year. No longer limited to appearing on PCs and consoles, you can now play them on your phone! But which Social Game do players find themselves addicted the most to?

WINNER:  The Sims Social

Just like the other hit Sims games out there, The Sims Social brings to life, well, virtual life. Party with your neighborhood Sims, become their friends or make dastardly enemies.  You can even have your Sims character do all the things you wouldn’t normally do in real life.

Despite Zynga’s dominance in social gaming, EA’s The Sims Social proved to be a strong challenger. The average Sims Social player logged 1.37 hours in the first week, 16% more than the top two performing Zynga games released in 2011.

Overall in the first month, The Sims Social accumulated 5x more playtime than Mafia Wars 2, 18% more than CastleVille, and 33% more than Empires and Allies – proving Zynga is not untouchable.

Apparently, partying and having a “life” within The Sims Social is far better than farming or defending virtual land as both FarmVille and Empires & Allies’ playtime dropped by 25% when The Sims Social launched!

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