The Most Played Sports Game of 2011


The best thing about attending sports events is the food. The best thing about playing a sports video game is not having to actually play the game. America’s favorite pastime may not be soccer, but FIFA 12 is the most played game of the world!


FIFA 12 follows suit to its predecessors but with a bit more kick. With new and improved detailed focus on players’ defenses and fancy footwork, FIFA 12 sets its sight above every sports game’s GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

Despite Madden’s popularity in America, FIFA  generated the most impressive numbers overall and won total playtime with 2x that of its closest competitor.

Hockey fans, however, proved their dedication by winning the playtime-per-person category with 14.69 hours played.

The playtime patterns end up being very similar for most of the games, with average session length hovering at 2 hours and average playtime per person at 13-14 hours.

FIFA 12 proves that it not only dominates the sports arena, but can hold its own against the Most Played Shooter of 2011, Modern Warfare 3. FIFA 12 fans played more in the opening month than Modern Warfare 3 fans did in its opening month! (37 vs. 31 hours)

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