The New Raptr App: Faster, Lighter, and More Features

0 Posted by - February 1, 2010 - Desktop App/Website Updates, Featured On Homepage

Last fall, after we released our Multi-IM version of the Raptr app, we reviewed all the feedback from our users and from our internal team members as well. We came to the conclusion that although we seemed to be on the right track with product features, the technology was beginning to fight us with each and every boundary we tried to overcome. As a result, we came to the conclusion that we would need to completely rebuild the Raptr App. The decision was made to leave the current Raptr app up for download, but behind the scenes our app team literally started rebuilding the Raptr IM from the ground up. And for all you Apple fans, we created a brand new Mac app as well!

Just restart your app or go here to get the update!

Here are just some of the new features:

· New app platform
· Higher performance
· Improved stability of the app
· Friends import via twitter
· Friends import via Xbox Live ID
· Xbox Metadata on contact hovers
· International support (Chinese, Spanish)
· Contact Search
· Offline contacts
· Show/Hide friends last played game session
· Improved notifications to users if IM accounts get disconnected

Of course, we’re not stopping here. We’re still working on tons of new features for the app. Let us know what you think! We hope you like it!