The New Faster and Lighter Raptr App!

0 Posted by - March 24, 2011 - Announcements, Desktop App/Website Updates, Featured On Homepage

As Raptr’s user base has exploded over the past year, the number one improvement that we wanted to focus on was to ensure that our service remains fast and nimble. “Speed” is one of our company mantras, so we’ve rewritten both our app and web site which has resulted in significant performance improvements. We are pleased to finally roll out the latest update, version 1.6, which will improve the efficiency of the Raptr app and website by leaps and bounds. We are talking about an average of 66% improvement across the board!

Our Raptr app is a robust tool that does a host of cool things including tracking your games, functioning as an in-game multi IM app, and notifying you when your friends are playing games. As we add more features into the app , we want to make sure that it remains speedy. As a result, we changed the way the app works so that it’s only activated once a specific action is called. Version 1.6 of the Raptr app has been optimized from the ground up to be faster, more lightweight, and use far less resources.

The result is that ongoing CPU usage and memory footprint have been greatly reduced by 66% on average. Raptr’s benchmark testing indicates that most users will see a 25% to 75% reduction in memory footprint, settling around 30 MB on average when the Raptr app is active. Some users are saying that they see dips down to 10 MB! Raptr’s benchmark testing for CPU usage shows a reduction range from 33% to 75%.

One other significant change will affect users with a lot of friends. Both the app and website have been greatly improved so that if you got a big buddy list, you’ll see that both the Raptr app now loads at least 3 times faster. Added bonus: our website load also improved as well!

If you are an existing user of Raptr, and want to upgrade to version 1.6, just close out of the app and restart. The upgrade will automatically get updated on your system. If you are new to Raptr, you can download the latest app here!

So in summary, most users will start to see performance improvements immediately.

Raptr app optimization:

  • CPU Usage reduction – 66% on average, with a typical range of 33% to 75% for most users
  • Memory footprint reduction – 66% on average (around 30MB), with a typical range of 25% to 75%.
  • Friends list loads up to 3x faster