This Week in Raptr: AMD and Behemoth Q&A recaps, Theme Contest, Game Detections, and more

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Welcome to This Week in Raptr, where we bring you the latest in events, contests, Q&As, and more.

AMD Radeon Q&A recap
AMD Radeon’s Robert Hallock stopped by last week to discuss all things Mantle, the Never Settle Forever program, and how AMD is helping to ensure Oculus Rift games get support.

You can read his thoughts on what to look forward to with AMD gaming here.

Behemoth Q&A and Twitch stream recap

Image courtesy of The Behemoth

Image courtesy of The Behemoth

The folks at The Behemoth stopped by for not only a Q&A but took over our Twitch channel for an exclusive look at the Steam version of BattleBlock Theater, available now. During the Q&A, they discussed the origins of BBT, the truth behind their cat obsession, and just how much friendships may or may not factor into the creation of a game.

You can read the full Q&A recap here or watch the Twitch dev demo here.

Spring Theme Contest

bimcgif needs your beautification help. Help design our site’s background for a chance to win 750 Reward Points for each theme we use!

For more details, check out the contest post here.

Game Detection Release for 5/16/2014
We’ve got more detections for you, including Heroes of the Storm (beta), Double Fine’s Hack ‘N’ Slash, and BattleBlock Theater (Steam) with more on the way. For the full list of the recent titles we’ve just added, check out this post here.

Infinite Crisis Arkham Joker Skin available now in the Reward Store


Infinite Crisis and Raptr have partnered to give away a limited number of Arkham Joker skins (and the champion if you don’t already have him) for 250RP!

For more details, check out Infinite Crisis’ rewards page here.

Community Highlights
What is your favorite tank? by Robert117
Raptr member Robert117’s favorite tank in World of Tanks is the tier six German heavy, the VK 3601(H). It may move slowly, but it delivers a lot of bang. Do you have a favorite WoT tank?

What’s one of the craziest things that has happened to you in a game? by GAMERZWRATH
While walking into a tunnel in Fallout 3, Raptr member GAMERZWRATH experienced a glitch that caused his character to fall through the wasteland, losing all his possessions. His love for the game kept him playing, however. Got a similar/better story of in-game woe, due to a bug or otherwise?

Defiance is going free-to-play starting in June by Germaximus
In just a few weeks Defiance is going free-to-play. Will you venture through this new Earth, with new rules?

BioShock Infinite or Fallout: New Vegas? by xTh3CatsM30Wx
Two triple-A titles, but just enough cash to get one game. Help Raptr member xTh3CatsM30Wx decide which one to pick up, BioShock Infinite or Fallout: New Vegas.