This Week in Raptr: AMD’s 24-Hour Livestream, Player Profile, Top Plays

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AMD’s 24 hour livestream
Tune in tomorrow, June 16, for AMD’s 24-hour livestream! The event kicks off at 9AM PDT with AMD Presents: A New Era of PC Gaming, followed by Raptr’s very own Dennis “Thresh” Fong at at 10AM PDT, and a cavalcade of PC Gaming Show coverage and gameplay thereafter.

Game Detections 6/12/15
Our newest detections include D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Along in the Dark: Illumination, LEGO Jurassic World, and more GOG Galaxy additions. For the full list of the latest, check here.

Player Profile: Kenny “MyNameIsPeck” Klein
Kenny “MyNameIsPeck” Klein is all about making people laugh; he is a comedian after all. Glimpse into his life as a stand-up comic and how he incorporates his entertainment skills in his gaming life.

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Top 5 Plays of the Week
Keep your eyes open and be ready to laugh, cry, or laugh some more with this week’s top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek!

I can’t believe that happened
by docfaded54
Some folks like to celebrate when taking down a tank in #BF4, then there’s this guy.

He missed
by lordebil
HE SHOOTS! HE…doesn’t score. Not all #FIFA15 videos are winners.

Box throw long shot
by Matheus1996
A lucky takedown or a skill shot? Watch this #Left4Dead2 video and decide.

Turn around
by Dexterity74
Don’t forget to check your back when playing #CSGO! Chances are, though, it still might not end well for you.

I’m gonna die! Wait, what?
by zapoqx
Panicked 1v2 fighting in #LeagueOfLegends works best if you’re by a tower.