This Week in Raptr: Contests, Gamertag Round-Up, E3 Predictions, Game Detections, and more

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Welcome to This Week in Raptr — your guide to our latest events, contests, and all things Raptr-related.

Five Word Reviews: Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

We like our reviews short and sweet, and your five-word review of Watch Dogs will earn you a chance to win 1000 Reward Points. You can find more details about the contest as well as read other Raptr hackers’ reviews in the contest post here.

If you’re more of an action-speaks-louder-than-words kind of person, leave your in-game name in our official Play Watch Dogs with the Raptr Community post and join up with your fellow hackers.

Gamertag Round-Up
If you want to play more than Watch Dogs with the Raptr Community, you can meet up with other members in one of our various official gamertag posts. If you can’t find any within the communities of the games you play, feel free to create your own! In the meantime, check out some of our official threads below:

Battlefield 4
Grand Theft Auto V
League of Legends

Spring Theme Contest


Spring is quickly coming to an end and so is our Spring Theme Contest, but before it does, make sure you get your final Raptr themes in for a chance to win 750 Reward Points!

Since we’re a fan of video games, we’ve added a few more titles to the list such as BattleBlock Theater, Watch Dogs, and more! You can check out the full game list as well as more details in the contest post here.

E3 2014 Predictions
E3 is just a week away and the rumors are running wild!

Will we get another Fallout game? What about a Red Dead Redemption 2? Perhaps we’ll even get to see some new hardware? Or maybe we will get more info on the games already announced like Halo 5: Guardians, Evolve, Mirror’s Edge 2, Hyrule Warriors, Destiny, or Telltales’ Game of Thrones and Tales From the Borderlands?

Microsoft and Sony have dominated the gaming field when it comes to “next gen” consoles, but do you think Nintendo will deliver news that will wrangle in the masses?

Tell us all your predictions for E3 2014 in the official predictions thread here.

Game Detections for 5/30/2014
Another week, another round up of our latest Game Detections. We’ve got detections for Watch Dogs, Monochroma, Final Fantasy III, and more! Take a look at the full list here.

Raptr Updates
While we can’t give away all of our secrets, we can give you a heads up that Raptr is leveling up soon! Make sure you check back this week for the new improvements we’ve made.

Community Highlights
Where should the next Elder Scrolls game take place? by RannochN7
The Elder Scrolls games have traversed the many lands of Tamriel, but what location should the next single-player title take on next? Raptr member RannochN7 wants to explore more of Hammerfell, while I would rather shift the timeline and go back to when the Dwemer still roamed the lands. Where, or when, should the next Elder Scrolls title take place?

Veteran players: Do you still complete World of Warcraft quests? by Thmpow
Raptr member Thmpow doesn’t think quests have much use unless you’re a new World of Warcraft player. He believes you can get the things you want with PvE/PvP, and the only good thing quests offer is the Lore Master title. How do you feel about WoW quests?

Finally got a Thunderfury! by nikkisaurs


After grinding for many hours in Diablo III, Raptr member nikkisaurs finally managed to grab the coveted Thunderfury sword. Optional quest: Give a roundup of how long you spent trying to nab a particular weapon or armor set.

Watch Dogs pro tip by versusforward
Watch Dogs is a game that focuses on “hacking” the city with your trusty phone. But according to Raptr member versusforward, if you’re driving a vehicle in the PC version of the game, a controller is your best friend. Do you have any other useful Watch Dog tips you can share with the community? This is the place.

Who plays Minecraft without mods? by DarkMenthoLeo
Minecraft may have started off as a simple pixelated building game, but over time, many people have created mods that have vastly changed the game. Raptr member DarkMenthoLeo believes that the use of so many mods actually pushes you away from the original game’s intent.