This Week in Raptr: Defiance, Firefall, and Smite Instant Replay Contests, Extra Life, Game Detections

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Keep up with our latest giveaways and shenanigans with This Week in Raptr!

Win Defiance Hunter and Recruit Packs


Ark Hunters! We’ve got 100 Recruit Packs and 10 Hunter packs to give away. Your mission? Sharing with us your best or worst Defiance moments using our Instant Replay feature.

For more details on how you can score some loot, check out our event page here.

Firefall Instant Replay Event


Show us your action-packed Firefall moments for a chance to win Digital Starter Packs!

Find out how you can win here.

#SmiteAlmighty2014 Instant Replay Contest


Our #SmiteAlmighty2014 contest is still going strong and we’ve got a few more weeks to go! Keep submitting your Instant Replay videos for a chance to win 2500 gems!

You can check out more contest details as well as those who’ve won already here.

Join our Extra Life team

Extra Life Logo_Blue

We’ll be joined by special guests from Q-Games, Hi-Rez with Smite, Hinterland Games with The Long Dark, 17-Bit and Galak-Z, Capy showing Below, Double Fine with Massive Chalice, Campo Santo with Firewatch, and much more for our upcoming Extra Life Charity stream. While we’re still working on putting together a prize list for participants and donators, you can get a head start now! Visit our Extra Life Team page for more info and join our team.

Game Detections
We’ve got a few new game detections for you that include Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition, The Sims 4, and Hatoful Boyfriend, that pigeon-dating simulator you’ve been waiting for. You can find a full list of our latest detections here.

Community Highlights
Close call comeback
by mangemespitchs
With just a sliver of life left, Raptr member mangemespitchs comes back in this sonic boom Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Instant Replay.

Epic save by GonzoM
You want GonzoM on your Smite team. Why? Because he leaves no Raptr dino behind and comes in to save the day twice in his Instant Replay.

Triple kill by Captain_Thaddeus
It may be a 3v1 scenario in Captain_Thaddeus’ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match, but nothing frightens him as he beats his foes.

Flying man wtf? by Shuey613
Batman must have not skipped a leg day because Raptr member’s Shuey613 shows us just how high The Dark Knight can fling his opponents in the air with a simple roundabout kick.