This Week in Raptr: Dragon Age Q&A recap, June’s Most Played, Extra Life, Game Detections, and More

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Get the latest in all things Raptr with this week’s edition of This Week in Raptr!

Dragon Age Q&A recap
Dragon Age’s Mark Darrah (executive producer), Mike Laidlaw (lead designer), and Cameron Lee (producer) stopped by for an Inquisition Q&A last week. Not only did they answer your Dragon Age lore questions, they revealed never-before-released content about Inquisition that includes new character romances, weapon and fighting tactics, and much more.

To find out what’s in store for the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, you can read the full Q&A recap here.

June’s Most Played PC games


Last month’s most played PC games is now live. Take a look at who made it in the top 20 here.

Join Raptr’s Extra Life Team

Extra Life Logo_Blue

We’re a few months away from the official Extra Life marathon in October, but we’re setting up our Raptr team now. While we’re still finalizing our prizes, partners, and streaming schedule, you can join our team. See what we’ve got so far on our team page here.

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Game Detections for 7/11/2014
We’ve got quite a few new Steam detections for you, including Q*Bert Rebooted, 4PM, FIST OF AWESOME, Second Chance Heroes, and more.

You can find the full list of our latest game detections here.

Community Highlights
Do you play other MMOs? by pmsonwheels
Raptr member and Star Wars: The Old Republic player pmsonwheels is an MMO addict. She hasn’t had a chance to play WildStar yet, but wants to know what other MMOs the SWTOR Raptr community plays. Are you an MMO fanatic like she is? Share your stories in her post.

DayZ dance by smscott42
Raptr member smscott42 shows just why glitches in video games are actually quite entertaining. During a game of DayZ, he comes across another player stuck in a bit of a moonwalk dance phase. Take a look at his video where he adds a bit of soundtrack to the “dancing.”

State of Decay rubber man glitch by frogus
Running away from zombies is a pretty hard thing to do in State of Decay. It’s even harder to do when your companion has turned into a rubber band man. Take a look at this odd glitch brought to you by Raptr member frogus.

How to get out of Bronze in League of Legends by SinTakai
Getting out of Bronze Level in League of Legends has been tough for Raptr member SinTakai. Do you have any tips or suggestions for him to get out of the tier?