This Week in Raptr: Extra Life, #Battlefest recap, Instant Replay Highlights

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Extra Life

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October is coming up fast, and so is our Extra Life charity stream. You can join our team now and earn awesome prizes while gaming for a good cause. Check out our team page here. We’ll update the page with more info soon, but join now and start racking up those donations!

#Battlefest Recap
Our Battlefield 4 Instant Replay contest is now over. You can check out all the entries here and lend us a hand in selecting winners by commenting and liking your favorites! We’ll have winners for you soon so hang tight!

AMD Hardware Rewards
Want to level up your gaming setup? Enter our three new sweepstakes to win a XFX Radeon R9 290, XFX Pro Series 1250W Power Supply Unit, or XFX TYPE01 series PC case.

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Raptr Community Round-Up
Make new Raptr dino friends and check out our official community round-up posts for the games listed below:

Battlefield 4
League of Legends
Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
Watch Dogs

Community Highlights
That save by NoNaim
Raptr member NoNaim comes to the rescue in this League of Legends Instant Replay.

I’ll kill you with your own missile by Waki524
Those pesky pilots in Titanfall pack a lot of explosive weapons that will take down any Titan. Unfortunately for Raptr member’s Waki524’s foe, the only thing he’s taking out is himself.

I missed it by THAT much by ratburger08
Raptr member ratburger08 and his teammates have already lost the Titanfall match. The only thing left to do now is to escape in the dropship. Sadly, ratburger08’s aim isn’t the best. Not sure whether to laugh or cry at his Instant Replay.

Still got the kill by mavericked
Vehicles are your best friend in Battlefield 4, and Raptr member mavericked shows just why in this Instant Replay.

Pentakill as Thanatos by Killgunner10
Raptr member Thanatos is showing how deadly Smite’s God of Death is with his pentakill Instant Replay vid.

Dat lifesteal/regen by andoiscommando
Things weren’t looking good at all for Raptr member andoiscommando, that is, until he used lifesteal and regen to his advantage. Take a look at this close-call kill.

Where did that spy come from? by Twinkie
Raptr member Twinkie managed to score an epic sniper headshot, only thing is, he wasn’t even aiming for the Spy.