This Week in Raptr: Firefall Instant Replay contest and Reward; Defiance, Rift, and Smite contests

0 Posted by - September 2, 2014 - About Us, Announcements, Community

What’s goin’ on on Raptr this week. Informally known as TWiR.

Firefall Instant Replay Event and Reward
In what can only be described as a classic pincers maneuver, we’ve got not just a Firefall Instant Replay Event going on now but also a Firefall Reward in the Rewards store.

Get your Firefall Instant Replays in (with the #FirefallLive2014 hashtag) between now and 9/15 for a chance to win Digital Starter Packs. We’re giving away 200 to our favorite Instant Replays.

And over in the Rewards Store, we’ve got a sweepstakes to win one of 20 Digital Deluxe Editions of Firefall!

More Instant Replays: Defiance, Smite, and Rift events
In addition to Firefall, we’ve also have Smite and Rift Instant Replay contests ongoing now, and Defiance launching soon!

Smite fans can win three 2500-gem bundles each day through 9/22 — simply submit your best plays with the #SmiteAlmighty2014 hashtag to enter. At the end of the contest we’ll also award three AMD R9 260X GPUs to our overall top favorites!

Rift players can get one of 100 Nightmare Tide beta codes by uploading their best moments with the #RiftBetaContest hashtag through 9/8.

And on Wednesday, look for our Defiance event to launch with Hunter and Recruit packs for the winners!

Extra Life
We’re a couple months away from the kick-off of our Extra Life charity stream, and we’re getting pumped to play games for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! We’ll be joined by special guests from Q-Games, Hi-Rez with Smite, Hinterland Games with The Long Dark, 17-Bit and Galak-Z, and many more.

Visit our Extra Life Team page for more info and join our team.

Enhance your gaming rig by entering one of our hardware sweepstakes. Or perhaps you’d like to test your odds at winning a Raptr dino plushie?

Take a look at the latest items in our Rewards Store and redeem your goodies today!

Game Detections
We’re adding new detections to the Raptr client every week. Our latest batch includes support for Super Time Force Ultra and Road Redemption (a spiritual sequel to Road Rash) — check out the full list of recent additions here.

Community Highlights

Hearthstone: Deathrattle grief deck by Geig3r
Featuring the kind of thrills and spills that only collectible card game fans can appreciate or even hope to parse, this clip only begins to capture the pain of a double Thaddius, courtesy of Baron Rivendare. “That was a mistake,” — truer canned emotes were never right-clicked.

So I heard a noise by Cloudtwonj
You’re playing Stalker: Shadows of Chernobyl. Some strange, definitely not good noise is emanating from the attic of an abandoned hell house. DON’T GO IN THERE. Why would you go in there?

Worst. Spawn. Ever. by Sil3ntwarri0r
Death comes fast in Battlefield 4. But usually not this fast.

Dwayne the Rock Herc by godzhell
Hercules reinforces his god-tier status in Smite with this combo. But it’s the mic reaction at the end that may need a nerf.

Mid-air sniped headshot by k33n
It’s a classic tragedy: Team Fortress 2 Soldier flying through the air, spraying rockets, king of the world, and then a Sniper ruins his special moment. Nice shot, though.