This Week in Raptr: Game Detections, Follow the Pros, and More

0 Posted by - September 21, 2015 - About Us, Announcements, Community

Find out what’s been going on with Raptr and with This Week in Raptr!

Game Detection Release for 9/18/15
The Steam version of Smite, Skyshine’s Bedlam, Hyperspace Invaders 2, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 are part of our latest game detection additions. See the full list here. New Features: Repost, Saved Search, and More
In case you missed it, we’ve rolled out some updates that includes reposting videos, saved searches, and verified users. Read about the update and what we plan to add to here.

Follow the Pros
Thanks to our latest verified users update, it’s now easier for you to spot your favorite eSports pros and watch their great plays and casual gaming moments. Stay up to date with League of Legends pros like Bjergsen, Fenix, IWDominate, and Santorin. We’ve also got CS:GO pros like karrigan, mousesports’ denis, and more.

Find your favorites here.

Top 5 Plays of the Week
Caution: both shock and awe are possible side effects from watching the following videos. Here’s your Top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek!

Best escape by Shingeki
Dancing like a butterfly in #LeagueOfLegends.

Holy shiet by RichardKylling
We’re pretty sure that Spider-Man is driving this #RocketLeague car.

Wait for it by roselion
Who knew that #MadMax was so into gymnastics?

It was a nice try by mouzNiKo
Mousesports’ NiKo demonstrates why he’s a #CSGO pro.

Los Santos Customs mechanic is a filthy mugger by puscifer
Why you shouldn’t customize your car in the seedier parts of #GTAV’s Los Santos.