This Week in Raptr: IEM Shenzhen 2015, Path of Exile Video Event, Player Profile, and More!

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Here’s what’s going on with Raptr and in this week’s edition of This Week in Raptr!

IEM Shenzhen 2015 games on
ESL Gaming is now on — see full matches and highlights from Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Shenzhen 2015 as the pros battle in StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm!

Path of Exile: The Awakening Video Event
poeevent1In celebration of the release of Path of Exile’s The Awakening, Grinding Gear Games and have teamed up to do a month-long video event on where they will give away $4000 worth of PoE loot! All you have to do is share one or more video highlights from Path of Exile on (hashtag #MMORPG4POE) and/or “like” PoE videos during the event to enter!

You can read all about the details on how to win over at

Player Profile: Ziggy “Justnvc” Orzeszek
Meet old-school pro gamer Ziggy Orzeszek, who has spent nearly a quarter of his life in the competitive gaming scene. He currently entertains other gamers with his exploits in Quake Live, TF2, CS:GO, and other shooter games. Learn more about him in our latest Player Profile here.

Game Detection Release for 7/17/15
Our latest game detections include Worms World Party Remastered, Sorcerer King, Besiege, Hounds, and more! For a full list of our newest additions, check here.

Top 5 Plays of the Week
We wanted to select more highlights, but since this is called Top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek, you can see the bind we’re in.

Special delivery by Tacktal1ty
Sneaking through the backdoor in #LeagueOfLegends is best when you bring friends.

How to kill a 51 health Control Warrior by Selthor
It took some serious set-up, but you don’t often see a #Hearthstone turn like this.

AAAAHHHAHA by colonelgdr
Things go badly for a cowboy in #MountAndBladeWarband, and hilarity ensues. You can’t watch this clip just once.

Ok then, bird by Pitcheh
In #ArkSurvivalEvolved, prehistoric birds nap wherever.

Fire 1 – 0 Firefighters by Corterus
Firefighters really are not good at their jobs in #GTAV. Maybe if their gear wasn’t made out of oily rags…